Life Coaching and Soul Centered Guidance.

Hey, You, it’s really nice that you are here!

Your curiosity, tender inquiry, calling to move in a new direction, or resurrect a long forgotten dream… They are ALL welcome and safe here.

Take a moment to explore.  See what bubbles up. And, if the moment is right, send me a note and tell me what’s on your mind. If you are ready to say “Yes” to yourself, to transform your life, I’m ready to help!

~ Morgan


"Whether you are at a turning point, or just feel there's more to tap into, Morgan can guide and inspire you, while giving you the tools you need to honor and expand in this beautiful life. It is a joy to work with her."

Julie B., Seattle, WA

 After completing the 'Down to the Essence' (Re) Discovery Session, I felt like I was given a road map for my life. Morgan guides with skill and grace as you uncover not only the core of who you are now, but who you are capable of becoming. I feel more aware of my full potential and like I have a great tour guide through the major sites that will be my life and look forward to the future work I will do with Morgan moving forward.

Verhanika Willhelm, Willhelm Consulting

 “I was very skeptical about life-coaching before this experience. What a difference one hour makes. I did an over-the-phone session with Morgan about four months ago and am still reaping the benefits."

Dan Wilson, Chicago, Il.

 Morgan brings such a full quiver of arrows to our sessions: powerful intuition, keen intellect, a wide-open heart and a rich, earthy sense of humor. I love the rich attention and room to explore Morgan gives me, and she has a knack for asking the right kinds of questions. Morgan doesn't try to force anything into being; she has a genius for collaborating with you and co-revealing the truth that's waiting there inside you. You feel like you can't go down the wrong track, because you're building on a foundation of your realest truth. Morgan is just magic, damn it.

Tina Rowley, Seattle

 In this crazy adventure called life, Morgan is one of those unexpected hidden gems. She has this presence that makes you feel nurtured, cared for, and deeply listened to. Morgan is always seeking and finding the spark of love in each human and has this rare ability to help you see it also, whether in yourself or another. This makes the journey of life amazing; for when you see that spark you can't help but want to travel farther and risk living a bigger life. If you want to live a highly creative life full of love and adventure, Morgan can help you find (and stick to) your path.

Amy! The Permission Faery

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